Being Fathered with Olivia Yokubonis

We could not be more excited to introduce to you the launching of The Fathered Blog. In this monthly blog, you will meet women from all walks of life sharing what they love most about the Father. They will be sharing their heart and thoughts of who He is, and how they see themselves through the eyes of the Father. Our hope is that you come to know the Father's heart in a deeper way and are able to connect with the body of Christ as they share about their relationship with the Father. Our prayer is that these blog posts spark a flame in your spirit to learn more of who the Father is, and that by doing so, we will learn more of who we are as those that are being Fathered! 

So, meet Olivia Yokubonis. Olivia lives in the beautiful ski town of Steamboat, Colorado. She is a Marketing and Social Media Manager who loves helping businesses thrive, including ours! She is an incredible singer/songwriter and brings joy into every environment. Olivia has been a friend to Fathered from the VERY beginning. We are SO honored to have her write our very first blog post. 


Check out what she has to share below. 

What does it mean to be fathered? 

For me being fathered means to be taken care of and know I have access to all the things He has. I think about how I sometimes use my dad’s office for work, and without hesitation he made me an extra key and told me I could come and go as I want. It’s the idea that our Father happily desires to give us every good thing in life and does it with no questions asked.

What is your favorite characteristic of the Father and why? 

My favorite characteristic of the Father is that he is the Provider. I have had a poor perspective of money and stability, and God reminds me that He has never left me in need. I can look back on every season of life and see that God was faithful and provided everything I needed and more. 

How does knowing the Father help define who you are? 

It’s a silly comparison, but I think about the Royal family; everyone around the world knows them by the name they bear and the bloodline they come from. That is how I think we as daughters of the King of Kings need to live. WE are royalty, and everyone will know who we are by the way we represent our Father. It gives me confidence to be bold in my faith and be sure in who I am as a child of God. 



- Olivia Yokubonis