Being Fathered with Adeline Hill

Meet Adeline Hill! Adeline is a Georgia girl. She grew up right outside of Atlanta and now lives in Athens, Georgia. She is a beautiful and creative singer and songwriter. Her music is full of life just like she is. She is a true Enneagram 7, and is always ready for an adventure. She lives a full and vibrant life. Adeline has followed Fathered from the start. She has helped shape and share who Fathered is. We love Adeline and we cannot wait for you all to read a little bit about what being Fathered means to her. 
*Adeline is wearing our Calah Chain Necklace
What does it mean to you to be Fathered? 
To me, being Fathered is a posture of your heart and a knowing in your soul that you aren’t made to be alone. Being Fathered is a daily conversation with the one who made you. I know that walking, talking, spending time with my heavenly father creates space for freedom, healing, joy, perseverance and hope in my life. Throughout my life, i’ve known this to be true: When I spend time with God, I begin to hear his voice more clearly. I think of him like I think of my earthly father sometimes. My earthly father, Eric, has done such a good job parenting me in such a way that it is a joy and an honor to have been influenced by his leadership in my life. I want to hear my father’s voice correcting me in love, encouraging me with truth, reminding me i’m loved. In the same way, I know that my heavenly father thinks of me more than the grains of sand on the beaches, cares for me more like the Lilly’s of the valley, will be kind and steadfast in loving me just as he said he would. I am never alone when I walk with my father. I never have to question my worth or my identity in the arms of my father. I never have to wonder or wander in the arms of my father. Hallelujah!!!! 
What is your favorite characteristic of the Father and why? 
My favorite characteristic of the father is his gentleness. I will never forget having a dear friend speak that word over me when I was at one of my lowest points. We were sitting together in a car just outside of Nashville and as tears rolled down my cheeks, she leaned over and put her hand on my shoulder. “Do you know that God is going to be gentle and kind with you, Adeline?” The sweetness of that reality felt like honey on my aching soul. Not only is God himself gentle, but he will be gentle with you. He takes his time. He is slow and steady. He is both a lion and a lamb. I think we so often sing about how great, how mighty and powerful he is on Sunday mornings. (It’s written in just about every worship song you hear these days.) And while I think he always has the right kind of love for us in every season, there is something about reminding ourselves that he is gentle and kind God who will take his time and usher us into his arms time and time again. 
How does knowing the Father help define who you are? 
Knowing the Father means knowing what he says about you. If the one who created you calls you good, lovely, lacking nothing- BELIEVE IT! Walk in that freedom with eyes to see, ears to hear, and hands to receive. Knowing what God says about me helps me entire being take a deep breath. The pressure is not on me to be “perfect” in any way. I am not defined by my actions or my earthly worth. I am an heir to a kingdom with a God who’s promises are Yes and Amen!! I am who he says I am, and it’s an honor to walk that out.