Being Fathered with Brooke Prock

Meet Brooke! Brooke was born in raised in Austin, Texas and recently moved to California with her husband. Something that always stuck out about Brooke is her wisdom. It is pure and sound. It is truly a gift the Lord has blessed her with. Brooke is witty and full of joy! Brooke's love for the Lord is captivating. She knows God in such an intimate and beautiful way! We cannot wait to hear what she has to say about being Fathered! 
What does it mean to you to be Fathered?

Being fathered means not being in control in the best way! As a kid, your life is organized, led, and put into action by your parents. As a daughter of God it is the same way. When you hand over the desire to control your life, you get to rest in and live from a place of freedom knowing that your Father has your best interest in mind, has not forgotten about you, has good plans for your life and is trustworthy. We get to work with our Father to accomplish all that is set before us, live out the full design he has for us, and walk in freedom because His plans are always better than our own!

What is your favorite characteristic of the Father and why?

His goodness. The belief that God is good has to be rooted in you as a daughter of God if you want to walk in freedom. If your theology strays from this belief based on life circumstances or seasons, you will struggle because you will begin doubting God based on what is going on around you, and you will begin listening to other voices. But if you know that you know that you know that God is good, you will always be able to turn to him and experience his peace, companionship and love because you trust him. You will want to listen to him because you know he cares for you. I love this characteristic of the Father because it has transformed the way I view God and has brought me freedom in so many areas of life! God’s goodness isn’t found in the circumstances of your life or things you have, but when you are raw before Him in His presence and He touches you with His love and peace like only He can. That is when I have been convinced of his goodness the most.

How does knowing the Father help define who you are?

Knowing the Father has totally changed who I am and how I live. One of the biggest revelations about the Father that changed me was realizing He is going to return one day and my life will be held accountable. At first I felt some feelings of fear and insecurity, thinking “Wow, will I be ready? Will my life be counted as worthy to Him and will he be proud of me?” But as I sat before the Lord more and more and started to get his perspective and heart, I realized this is the most freeing thing for me because my motivation shifted about life. I used to live life motivated by what other people thought of me, what my future would look like, and if I would be successful in the world’s eyes. Now my motivation is to live my one life in a way that honors Jesus’ sacrifice and also gives reverence for when He will return one day. Living my life in view of Jesus’ return has given me the most freedom from things I struggled with before: what people thought, how I looked, if I would get married and have kids one day, if I would be successful, etc. Now I can rest and live from freedom because my goal in life is to honor and love God, and I know that he will guide my steps and be with me the whole time. If something doesn’t go as planned I can rest knowing that He will return one day, I will be reunited with those who love Him too and I will get to be with Him face to face. The only person I owe anything to is God and this identity shift has completely changed how I live.