Being Fathered with Emily Shelton

Today's blog comes from the sweetest women, Emily Shelton! We cannot wait for you to hear what she has to say about the Father!!!
What does it mean to you to be Fathered?
I've been blessed with a wonderful, God-fearing earthly father. When I think about him, I think of all the times he's listened to me share, ask questions and process different things. Somehow he has always offered the most timely advice and has known how to encourage my heart in these different moments and seasons. So it is with my Heavenly Father. His ear is always listening, His lap open for me, unafraid of my questions and attempts to process the things He's placed in my path. When I choose to turn to Him, He has promised to build my hope through His word and to give wisdom and understanding, and set my feet on solid ground! The Father reminds me who I am - His. And that is where I choose to rest. 
What is your favorite characteristic of the Father and why?
The Father never changes. He is constant and true to His word. The old testament is filled with moments of God choosing to remain true to his people and therefore, becomes a source of encouragement for those who come after them! Over the years,  I've learned to look back at the past and can find the ways that God was working in different situations. Sometimes it is hard to see Him working in my life in the moment, though I try to have eyes to see it! But as I look back, I'm filled with hope and encouragement for what is ahead. I look back at where I once was, where my marriage was, where my children were, and I see how God had His loving hand on me/us in that season! Then I'm filled with a confident trust that he will always remain true to His word in all that is to come! He was good back then, He'll be good for all the days ahead.
How does knowing the Father define who you are?
In what feels like a culture of utter confusion, knowing the Father is the most peace-filling, hopeful thing! I don't have to worry about tomorrow - He's written all of my days! I don't have to question things about myself - He's created me on purpose for a purpose. I don't have to work to try and achieve His love - He freely gives it unconditionally. These truths are where my identity is found and I need not strive for anything else. What a beautiful reality!