Being Fathered with Louisa Wendorff

What does it mean to you to be Fathered?
To me, being Fathered is to be fully known and fully loved. When I remember again who God is, all my worries melt away. I'm suddenly filled with hope, peace, and joy as I trust that God is actually in control and knows the end from the beginning. Being fathered is to hold nothing back from Him. I live in the light because I know I'm imperfect yet loved, I'm His workmanship and so desired. If I withhold parts of myself from Him and from godly council, then I can not grown or be made holy in that place of my heart.
To be fathered is to be a child with no worries or cares, when we know He really does care for us. We're free to relax in God's love for us and enjoy Him as He does what He wants in and through us. 
What is your favorite characteristic of the Father and why?
The Father's steadiness is one of my favorite things about Him. He is the same yesterday, today and forever. His character is still full of undeserved mercy and grace. His love and kindness is a steady stream to those who receive it. His word is forever true and alive and the blood of Christ still has the power to forgive every sin, and heal any disease. He loves to show us compassion and longs for us to be closer to His heart. 
How does knowing the Father define who you are?
I was made by God, for God! When I entered into an intimate relationship with The Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit all my past identities melted away. I was the girl who struggled with "this", or was good at "that." I was the girl who grew up"here" and was destined to go "there." All the ways I saw myself and was seen by others slowly faded away as I learned to live from my one true identity... HIS. Living in that place is continually changing me into the likeness of Christ.