Our Story


You are a Dream.

So am I.

This is the story of Fathered...

My name is Ansley Dunn. I am a dreamer, a creative and a designer.

Fathered was birthed out of a pursuit to discover me. Who was I created to be, how was I uniquely designed? Don’t we all wonder who we are? I didn't know I had embarked on a journey of discovery, I was really just living with a lot of questions and to be honest, maybe a few doubts, as I explored the world around me. Somewhere along the way I came to one simple but life changing conclusion…I am a child. I, am a child of God.

God, is the Creator, and is therefore very creative. He dreamt about me. He spoke me into being. He created me on purpose, for purpose, with purpose. And, if that’s not enough, He declares that I am fearfully and wonderfully made.


He handmade and fashioned me uniquely with passions and interests and gifts and talents. He did the same for you.

My pursuit to live out my passion to create and design and become all God dreamed of when He dreamed about me turned into Fathered!

My hope is that Fathered inspires you to press into your unique creation as a child of God. You too have a unique purpose and the Father wants to see you walking in all of your God given creation and potential. We are all His good creation! Let’s be Fathered together for good!